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One of six built with stick shift.  This is one of three still in existence.  The car was shipped new

to Ashley Dabba Dobbs Motor Co. in Clarksville, TN. 

This car was number ten on the Factory Owners List.

(Click underlined link to see a copy of the Factory Owners List)


Butch Leal wanted a stick shift Super Stock car. 

Ronnie Sox found this car for him at Dabba Dobbs Motors.


Butch Leal brought the California Flash to California to race.

Butch Leal was Super Stock champion in 1965 and 1966 racing the California Flash.

This car is the most famous Hemi Super Stock car ever made.


The car was sold in 1967 to Bob Brown of Mont Claire, N.J.

Butch Leal and Tom were campaigning his Flip Top Barracuda at that time.


I have a list of the owners of the California Flash.


The Fender Tag and Door Tag are still on the car.


Below is a picture of the Fender Tag



The California Flash has a Ray Barton Cross Ram Aluminum Head Hemi.

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